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Bruce Manning

aragon,s Name: Manning, Bruce
Education: B.S. (1985) Univ.of Massachusetts, Environmental Science
Ph.D. (1993) Univ. of CA Davis, Environmental Chemistry
At SFSU since: 1989
Status: Faculty
Office Location:

TH 811B

Phone: 415-338-1292
Email: anderson
Environmental - Analytical
Determination of molecular surface structures of trace elements and oxyanions adsorbed on synthetic metal oxides, clay minerals, and soils using extended X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (EXAFS). Separation and detection of redox sensitive elements (arsenic(III)/(V), selenium(IV)/(VI), and chromium(III)/(VI)) by hyphenated analytical techniques. Synthesis and characterization of metal oxides and metal oxide-coated substrates. Equilibrium and surface complexation chemical modeling of environmental systems.


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